Click exchange chatroom come join make some easy money daily!!! Details inside

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    Hi there,

    I have created a chatroom on Paltalk called "The Click Room" all you have to do is download Paltalk messenger create a username which will only take around 1 min, then look for my chatroom called "The Click Room" its in the Games section, just search for "Games" then in "Games" look for "Others" then you will see my chatroom name "The Click Room" or just do a search, once your there come introduce yourself say hello etc then add me to your Paltalk messanger and i will add you to mine! the more people the better we can start a good click ring for whatever websites you want, Paltalk is ideal because we can either type or speak on mic, we can exchange clicks, one user at a time we will do it in order starting from the top the person who is next in line will have to raise there hand in paltalk then post there link in the main chatroom then once everyone has clicked that persons link the next person will come up and do the same, One link per person, we will click on an hourly basis so the more people who join this chatroom and cue up by raising there hand the better! anyone is allowed to join my room will be moderated so there wont be any stupidness and feel free to add each other, apart from that enjoy and i will see you in there when u come :) so lets get together and start making easy cash

    all yours

    Mr Clicker

    P.S i will set my paltalk messanger so anyone can message me through paltalk messanger and i will keep my money making chatroom open for aslong as possible, i will be online in paltalk messanger waiting for new members to join, see you there