Cleveland Prosecutor Axed For Creating Facebook Page of Accused Killer's Fake Girlfriend

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    corruption in high places...

    Earlier this week, Cleveland county prosecutor Aaron Brockler was fired for creating a Facebook profile and posing as the fake girlfriend of an accused murderer he was prosecuting.

    The murder suspect, 29-year-old Damon Dunn, is accused of committing a murder at a car wash in May 2012. However, two women he had romantic relationships with were prepared to back up his version of events and say that he was not present at the car wash.

    That's when Brockler decided to take matters into his own hands.

    Brockler created a Facebook account and posed as a fake girlfriend of the accused murderer, and used the profile to message Dunn's two real girlfriends telling them that he (the fake girlfriend) was pregnant with Dunn's child.

    After they became angry about this revelation, Brockler approached the two women, not revealing that he was responsible for the Facebook messages, and asked them if they wanted to change their stories. They did, and said that they wouldn't testify on Dunn's behalf.

    Brockler entered the Facebook messages into the court record, where an assistant county prosecutor found them and reported Brockler's actions to county prosecutor Timothy J. McGinty. After a brief investigation, Brockler was fired for his actions.

    "This office does not condone and will not tolerate such unethical behavior," McGinty said. "He disgraced this office and everyone who works here. By creating false evidence, lying to witnesses as well as another prosecutor, Aaron Brockler has damaged the prosecution's chances in a murder case where a totally innocent man was killed at his work. Aaron Brockler was fired on the spot for his dishonesty."

    Brockler, however, defended his actions, saying that he helped get an alleged murderer off the streets.

    "To me, this is all a massive overreaction," he said. "I wasn't some rogue prosecutor sitting behind a computer trying to wrongfully convict someone. I did what the Cleveland police detectives should have done before I got the file."
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    Damn good work. Not sure of the ethics for a state attorney, but I think law enforcement is allowed to do these kinds of stunts. He probably could have got cooperation from any number of people, and possibly anonymous people that could never be traced back to him.