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    Hey All,
    I posted this in the Craigslist/Classifieds forum. I meant to post it here. I hope I don't get in trouble for a double posting or something!

    First time poster here so be easy on me..ha. I have been reading these forums for probably around a month now. Talk about information overload! Anyway, excellent ideas abound here. I have an observation I would like to share.

    It seems to me there is this huge obsession with CL! I can understand why. Obviously, it's one of the most frequented sites on the net and it's free to post. So, if done correctly, can generate huge amounts of leads for no cost. However, that being said, it's still nothing but classified ads! My observations from reading a ton of postings regarding CL is that everyone agrees that in general, the classified ads genre is a good way to generate leads. It's a constant battle to get your ads to stick on CL because they don't allow you to promote any type of website, sales offers, leads etc. In addition, you practically have to trick everyone into converting your offer. Seems like a lot of work and headaches to me. So, my question is: If most are in agreement that classified ads work, then why aren't more people trying OFFLINE classifieds???

    Before everyone yells at me, I know the obvious answer: CL is free. But, I've always believed ya gotta spend a little money to make some money.

    And, yes, I know there are a couple of posts talking about this.

    So, with that long introduction, here is what I am going to do in the next 2-3 days. I have a good CPA offer that pays $50 per lead in the financial market that targets let's say...ummm...most of the country right now with this shit economy we have! I have an advertising deal set up in my state that is going to cost me $299. For the $299 I get my ad of 25 words or less run one time in 109 weekly newspapers and 29 daily newspapers. I have confirmed with my newspaper broker that the ad I am running will allow a website address, etc. The circulation total on these newspapers is about 2.5 million people. I will report my results after launch. I decided to say fuck it and throw some money at it. I know I've blown $300 on shit a lot worse. Besides, I got my bro to kick in half to help out. So, it's really only costing me $150 to test it out. I know I've spent that on a good binge at the bars and got nothing out of it except a bad hangover and saying to the dog laying next to me "You've got to go before my roommates wake up!"

    So, without getting too long here, here are my thoughts. I only need to convert a whopping 3 sales to break even (well 6 actually, if I had to pay all the ad fees myself). Out of a 2.5 million circulation base, I honestly can't see this not working. Let's take some conservative numbers:

    2.5 million people. Let's say a really shitty percent actually SEE the add. I don't know, let's go with one percent so we have:

    2,500,000 x .01 = 25,000 actually see the ad.

    Now let's say 1 percent actually go to my url:

    25,000 x .01 = 250 go to site.

    Of those, lets say 5% convert. (It's a lead gen CPA offer, they don't have to buy anything)

    250 x .05 = 12.5 sales

    12.5 sales at $50 = $625

    $625-$299(ad cost)=$326 net profit per week.

    I believe these numbers are very conservative. I don't know, maybe they are optimistic? I would like to hear feedback on these numbers from people that know more about classified ad response rates than I do. So, PLEASE share your thoughts. If you play with the numbers, you will see that very small increases anywhere in the process can make for some very substantial increases in profits. Even a half a percent makes a really big difference.

    Like I said earlier, I'm actually gonna :eek:*gasp*:eek: take some action and find out! I think this can be done with many, many lead gen offers that pay a decent amount per lead. And, if it works, it's quite scalable on a much, much larger basis.

    Maybe it's a pipe dream, but we will find out soon. I would really like to hear everyone's thoughts.
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    Good job. You're on your road to becoming a well-versed CPA marketer.