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Classifieds add poster

Discussion in 'General Programming Chat' started by plonk, Jul 20, 2014.

  1. plonk

    plonk Junior Member

    May 8, 2014
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    I seem to find most of my IM money coming from classified sites (well one site, my local one) so I want to scale this up...
    So far I have been posting ads on one site usually only 1 city, sometimes 7 cities (all big australian cities)

    Now, I see the need for a bot...

    I have the very basic programming knowledge and I want to learn (I watched transcendence... after wards I want to learn how to code... btw I recommend the movie)

    Basically I'm starting from nothing my bloody collage didn't teach me nothing I can use in RL...

    What I want the bot to do:

    Login (no problem spending some time creating accounts)
    Select the right category (pre set)
    Delete any old ads (if there are any)
    Add new adds (maybe I could fill out a very large complicated form that would cover most of the classified site req. in one form and then the bot would use this form to fill out the gaps for all the sites)
    Submit the ads send me conformation when done.

    Also I want the bot to log in to another account (for example Australian gumtree does not allow to post in different cities from the same account in the same category)

    I would be happy if I could make a bot that posts in only Australia on one network (gumtree) in 7 cities with 7 different accounts and original content in each.. But if scaled up would be very....good....

    I recon this type of bot would have some demand and if any programmer want's to get into this, I would like to talk..or maybe someone can make me this and make my life easier... PM me if you have a proposal...