[Classic Question] BMD VS Ultimate Daemon VS ?

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    Hello there,

    I need to get a last tool for my arsenal to perform social bookmarking.

    I know that with Panda there is nothing revolutionnary, but i strongly believe it helps with google dance, and contributes a lot to link diversity.

    It is also good for backlinks diversity and emphasize the different tiers of links.

    I plan to use it weekly if not daily, i'm looking for something efficient, the most automatic as possible, and convenient.

    It has been weeks that i click on everythread with such question but instead of having a clean answer you guys have confused me ....

    BMD is for some of you less good than it used to be, but for some others it is a must have.

    Ultimate Daemon : Brand new tool with a little trick in the lifetime subscription which is too vague to be serious. It looks like an easy way to hi jack people every years , X months or so.
    How about its efficiency in social bookmarking ?

    Magic Submitter : I don't know much about it - Is some of you can bring his experience for social bookmarking ?

    Sick Submitter : ?

    Or should i go with ZEnoPoster or VenomSEO which are more hard to learn but maybe a wiser investment ?

    Shoot your thoughts :)

    PS : I try to avoid monthly fees as much as possible
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