ClaroAds - Buy Cheap Website Traffic $0.03 for 1000 visitors

Akun Anda sekarang disetujui.
Kami tidak menyediakan salinan ulasan.

Semua kampanye disetujui secara manual dan dapat memerlukan waktu hingga 24 jam.

Kami tidak menyediakan saldo uji.

Beberapa pengiklan kami menggunakan lalu lintas ke tautan Google namun kami tidak dapat berkomentar apakah ini membantu peringkat Google.

Ya, kami mendapat 500 ribu kunjungan setiap hari dari AS, namun ini adalah salah satu GEO kami yang paling dicari dan tawaran rata-rata adalah $0,0001
Saya ingin mengujinya, dan ingin melakukan deposit $10.. bagaimana cara depositnya
Just created and acc, I would like to test for adult cam niche

Your account is approved, you can log in.

How long does it takes for the campaign to get approved?

All campaigns are manually approved within 24 hours.

Samples please

What do you mean by samples?

Can I pay with Payoneer?

No, but we accept paypal and crypto deposits via our merchant Coingate.

Saya ingin mengujinya, dan ingin melakukan deposit $10.. bagaimana cara depositnya

Our minimum deposit is $50
Akun Anda disetujui, Anda dapat login.

Semua kampanye disetujui secara manual dalam waktu 24 jam.

Apakah yang Anda maksud: sampel

Tidak, tapi kami menerima setoran PayPal dan kripto melalui pedagang kami Coingate.

Setoran minimum kami adalah $50
bagaimana cara melakukan deposit, Jika setelah melakukan deposit apakah saldo akan otomatis masuk ke rekening saya?
Can anyone vouch for this service, as all I can see are accounts approved etc.

Anyone had any success using this service?
I am interested and want to test the service. Can you send it to me?

You can register on our website here:

Hi.Is there any review provided?

This is one of reviews about our service:

This is a non review copy review. OP didn't give me a test balance because I had already deposited my own funds prior to him making this thread.

I now lurk heavily and don't normally write here or use the forum much anymore but huge vouch for OP and his traffic. I have over 22+ campaigns on his site for micro testing big amounts of traffic with cheap costs on my end. His support is pretty speedy as he responds to my emails swiftly.

Yes, I have done profitable arbitrage campaigns using Claroads. The vast majority of my campaigns are losses in profit which is normal because as with most traffic testing campaigns, trial and error is needed. The losses on my end were usually no greater than $0.70 on a campaign.

I've tested claroads' traffic on over 15 sites that I won't name and my personal adfarm I have stuffed with display ads. I can confirm this guys traffic leads to impressions on the ad networks side which of course, leads to you earning ad revenue.

I recommend starting with a budget of $0.40 and bidding super low for traffic at $0.0001 a visitor. The budget is usually spent more so if you bid $0.40 you may still end spending 50 or 60 cents and this is normal because The lower the limit, the more extra visitors you will get and you are charged for them. Campaigns start instantly and if you use something like bitly or you'll see the clicks flowing in.

Overall, I recommend trying claroads with your own personal arbitrage strategy.

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