Claims of Yelp extortion starting to hit the news

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    Many business owners in Sacramento and around the country are frustrated with Yelp. Gonul Blum has been in the restaurant business for 10 years in Sacramento and said Yelp employees have cold-called her, asking her to pay for web ads on their site.

    "They told me if I want to have the good reviews on the top when you open the Yelp page ... I've got to advertise it."

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    This has been going on forever and it has hurt thousands.. I had ONLY Great reviews ( all 100% REAL) After I got the call to pay monthly and I turned them down POOF ALL but one of my reviews were " FILTERED" Calls from Yelp people disappeared over night.

    Pure extortion.

    And now Google is working WITH Yelp to drive us all off of the front pages so we have no choice but to pay them as well. Between the Paid ads , the Local ads and now YELP having the top 3 spots there are but TWO spots for US to fight over.... WHEN does this become a Crime???

    Create a market of reviews based trust in companies then manipulate it through fraud to extort money?