CLAD Genious and 200 ads per day

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    CLAD Genious and 200 ads per day

    Simple enough?

    I'm looking to post 200 ads per day with CLAD Genious on CL. Im trying to get a working budget from this post so all advise here is appreciated.. Jobs, Services, Housing (text&Images). I need to know what the best proxie solution to use? How effective are CLAD's PVA and GMAIL creation tools..

    Also, what about geo targeting? How valid is it? I would like to post the top 50 cities..

    I left CL because all the issues, but its time to get back to the true, tried, and tested.. I actually use clbot pro, but I am switching to clad because of ease of use after learning curve jump...

    I do understand 200 ads is a matter of proper scaling, but again, Im reentering CL after a two year seperation and trying to comeup with a startup and monthly budget for this venture

    again.. any and all help and advice is highly appreciated.. If your advise is confidential, please IM me..

    Thanks in advance..