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CL to Youtube to Landing Page or Link

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by durfkin15, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. durfkin15

    durfkin15 Newbie

    Mar 24, 2011
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    JOB.. Just Over Broke..

    I do not make an amazing amount of money with this method but I make about 20 dollars a day.

    1. I start out by having a Awesome youtube account. An attractive one, either with a hott girl, new movies, hot topic, or good/new music.

    2. Link your Landing Page (w/ you affiliate offers) on your Youtube video.

    3. You are using CL to get alot of hits on your youtube page. This step is very critical.

    If you have music ONLY post in the [[Community>Musicians section]] or [[Community>Artist section]] if your feeling luck post in the [[Services>Talent area]]

    Its very critical to only post in the related sections.

    I used a post like I was a local artist looking for exposure and I basically wrote what type of sound I have.

    This generates a substantial amount of view, you can check where they from by looking at the insight tab under the youtube video.

    PLEASE ONLY POST IN YOUR CITY AND NEAR BY CITIES, posting in far areas will get your post removed

    3. Tweak you videos depending on the ones that get alot of attention.

    Have fun with it, this method does not take too long.

    I use this method since I am trying to make nothing out of something