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    For those of you outside of North America, I am not sure if you have heard of a TV show called The People's Court. Basically, they find cases in small claims court (that would be interesting/funny enough for tv) and get the people to have their case heard in front of a retired judge. They agree to accept her judgment and the case is closed.

    Now as you can imagine, the show gets some crazy cases and some very naive people. Every other case that you hear on the show seems to be about people that were screwed over on Craig's List in one way or another....which of course makes me think of the creative members here at BHW :)

    You may be wondering why I am posting this....and no it isn't because I am a big fan of the show lol. I just read the other thread where the one female member here was looking on CL for a plumber and I burst out laughing. I could instantly picture her walking into The People's Court over it. Anyway, if you ever see a newer episode of it listed on the tv, put it on in the background while you work and have a laugh. You might just come up with a new idea for your ads! ;)