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Apr 18, 2008
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I would like to understand how some people have success postings 100s of CL ads/day.

Are they using images?
If so, how do they get unique image links to avoid being banned? Is there a way to set up multiple photobucket accounts expeditiously? If there is a way to set up multiple photobucket accounts, is there some sort of Image Pixelation Randomization that would be required (in addition to the name change of the file of course) in order to use the same ad?

Are they using text ads?
If so, how do they make them unique? Is it enough to use the random text features in some of the auto posters like Ad Master to make them unique? If a telephone number or url is in the text ad, how do they keep from getting banned using the same telephone number or url in the text ad?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Somebody Please Help With This.

I have looked at the source and it always seems to be imageshack, photobucket, etc. What I don't get is how they get 100s of unique image links set up manually every day, and I was alos wondering whether CL analyzed image pixels to find duplicate images over multiple ads.
I could use link redirects. Ad Master lets you add a random number in your ad - I could use something like www*mydomain*com/random#insertedbyAdMaster and meta refresh the 404 page to the image. But would CL end up banning even though the individual links would be unique (assuming I am using different ip addresses and email addresses for each ad)?
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There are TOO MANY VARIABLES . . . to answer with a one, two sentence reply.

What works in some sections ie; JOB, BIZ SERVICE, PERSONALS, doesn't work in others.

You'll need to run some tests for yourself to see what does,...doesn't work.

You'll probably find though, it isn't worth your time to manually change your IP, Ad Content, try and get ads to post.
can anyone here provide a quick review of admaster?

just a one or two sentence one with an opinion of it worth buying would be great

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