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CL methods and CPA question

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by GoldenTiger, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. GoldenTiger

    GoldenTiger Junior Member

    Mar 17, 2008
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    So there's plenty of methods going around on how to promote CPA offers using CL...

    Whether its pretending to be a girl in the dating section and promoting dating offers, posting job offers and asking applicants to fill out a CPA offer to "confirm they are not a spammer and can follow instructions", or the whole "free credit report" methods... This has all been discussed in details in forums, and promoted in a couple dozen of "Black Hat Techniques" ebooks on DP.

    The question I have is about the safety of using such methods with the networks. Obviously, the affiliate managers know how to read forums and ebooks.

    So we need to apply the regular "security" measures... hiding the referrers, promoting several different offers across different networks, etc.

    Now by having reviewed the terms of most networks, there doesnt seem to be anything explicitly prohibiting this type of promotional methods.

    Now let's take the "dating" offers for example...

    Its not SPAM... since the guy contacted you first by replying to the ad.
    Its not really "incentives", as you are not giving the guy anything of value, whether its cash, points, whatever.
    What about "misleading advertising"? Is it? Then what about all those crappy ads for adult dating sites that you see everywhere... The fake messenger popups and chatboxes that say "SexyHottie456487 wants to chat with you now!" Isnt that somehow "misleading"?

    My question is... has anyone been banned or got an angry email from the affiliate manager saying to stop doing such promotions.

    Any thoughts or experiences about such methods?

    And in all cases... the leads are not "fake". The guy signs up with his real email and info, posts a profile, gets the site's newsletter, and if he doesnt find the girl he met on CL's profile, he might just look at other members, and maybe buy a membership of some kind.
  2. skeem52

    skeem52 Newbie

    Sep 15, 2008
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    Make sure you send traffic so your stats aren't out of wack. Think about it like this, if everyone else has to send 350 people to a page to get 4 leads (offers completed) and you send 5 people and get 4 leads then they are going to notice something is wrong.

    If you are having a hard time coming up with some creative ways to make CPA money get a bunch of wso's for ideas and read all the posts you can here at BHW. The posts here are usually real world data and testing which is invaluable and worth way more than a billion e-books.

    WSO's are mostly the same ideas re-hashed, after you get ideas from them you will find how to apply them along w/ trial and error here @BHW.

    Im not a big talker so my post count is pretty low.

    However I am a big fan of taking action. This forum is full of twists on existing ideas, take them, twist them, combine some and make some money. Once you have the money, invest in media buys and real world advertising.

    Then your CPA acct. will skyrocket. BH can only last so long, you have to be in & out and get as much money as you can before you leave. So build your start-up capital w/ BH and invest it in WH so you can build "a real" residual income.

    Some will say I am wrong and they are right BH can be lucrative and you can keep going & going but when it comes down to it, there is a lot more work involved in setting everything up, like proxies, millions of posts, all kinds of email addresses, stealing and finding sites to mimic and utilizing their traffic for a while until you get caught, scraping content, tricking guy s...

    I could go on forever, but there is no time for that. All you need for WH is money and plenty of it, so put in work BH as mentioned in the paragraph before this and use that money for your WH empire

    Just my 2ยข :) Thanks for reading all this junk that exploded and spewed into my computer.