CI.dll? anyone else had this?

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    I recently bought scrapebox, and now I did a blast yesterday. When I started it I went to bed. But after 30 minutes I wanted to check so I checked my pc and then it was busy with system recovery.

    So I went to sleep, thinking it would be finished today but when I woke up, it was still doing the system recovery. And nothing works, I tried almost everything. The error is in CI.dll it says it's infected with malware.

    I got no idea what to do, only thing I can think of is format and reinstall, but I rather not do that since I will lose alot of important files.

    Anyone else have had this problem? And knows what to do? Since I can't really find relevant topics online. The only thing I haven't tried yet is to replace the file.. I will try that later tonight.

    Would be awesome if someone knows what to do for suere so I can fix this to come back in windows. Thanks in advance :)