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    Hi guys!

    I need your help on reviews matter. It seems like I am pathologically convinced that reviews brought by sellers are just "White noise". My colleague thinks the opposite. He says that reviews may be valuable if they include prersuadive results (proof of traffic increase) and words, and some personal data (de-anonimization). Personally I think that no one is going to bring his personal info (e-mails, project sites) to public. Every review becomes simple twaddling without such proof of effectivenes.
    Seller have collected over 100 reviews (we don't know if he was altering them somehow) and pasted them to his thread. And...? Personally I don't think that they may be useful for me or for anybody else. This is just time waste(both sellers and buyers). The only way to get honest reviews is to check those situational reviews appeared later in this thread. But anyway, people spend their time/money to check this service. And in most cases they may be bribed somehow by seller. Of course, I realize that there are some people who may be influenced and surprised with such flurry of great reviews but anyway, I think that they will become more experienced after first 2 purchases. I understand that this is just a form of ad. And everybody knows that in 90% of cases ad lies or overstates everything. I'm just asking is this type of ad is effective enough? Or maybe, it rings falsely in our ears and we never pay enough attention to it, simply scrolling down and ignoring it (I mean prudent and reasonable majority of BHW members)?

    Can you convince me in opposite?