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Choose a niche or choose a market? What's your opinion?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by dnreg, Feb 23, 2010.


Niche or market?

  1. Niche

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  2. Market

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  3. Neither (leave a comment!)

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  1. dnreg

    dnreg Junior Member

    Sep 16, 2009
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    It's kind of an age-old argument: is it good to choose a niche, then go headfirst into it; or is it better to find a market and follow the numbers?

    To me, the former is best for "new" marketers so that they can work in an arena they're familiar with or enjoy without getting burned out too quickly. Similarly, the "market" method is more for people who know the topic might not be as interesting to them personally, but there's perhaps a more fruitful ending for them if they stick with it.

    I encourage you guys to check out the source of the articles (links included) to see the nice little custom graphics that go with each of them and to see if any other articles on the site interest you. :)

    The first article is from Cashbackaffiliates.com/finding-your-niche and is titled "Finding Your Niche."

    and the counter-argument, Don't Pick a Niche

    Which one do you guys agree with?