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Chinese guy's 3rd dropship journal from 1688,target 4000$/month

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by augustwu, Feb 1, 2020.

  1. augustwu

    augustwu Senior Member

    Oct 18, 2018
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    I used to run several sites, but not earn too much in the past year, now I decide to start my 3rd dropship journal from 1688, I learned a lot from my failure journal and BHW, I just want to make the sales up to 4000$ per month, yes, it's not an easy work and I am a bit busy and tired this time.I don't know how long I will consist of this journal
    Why not aliexpress?
    I don't want to dropship from aliexpress for the two weeks long shipping time, which cause much customer service problem and aliexpress is expensive than 1688. And most of their images are watermark, I can't use them directly
    A few months ago,I write a guide to drop ship from 1688 may be helpful to you
    How I choose the seller
    This time I choose the beauty niche and spent the time to talk the seller on 1688
    I choose some factories that have warehouses in the US,so I can fast ship the products to customers directly. And the factories will help me ship the products to all over the world with fast shipping by DHL or USPS. Yes, the shipping fee is much expensive than epacket, usually around 25$

    If you want to dropship from 1688, you must choose some big and trustworthy companies,that's important.In my last dropship journal,I just choose some sellers in 1688 which is damn shit,I found they often take off products while I haven't sell them which makes me crazy.
    So choose a large, stable seller is really important and they must have good reviews!
    How I choose the niche
    A few days ago I read an article,
    I find my niche is selling pretty well in aliexpress,I know many Chinese on the niche market, but it still sells well in aliexpress. It's a bit competitive
    How I do refund and return
    Since my factories have warehouse in the US, so some of my products can refund to them quickly and I know there are some warehouse for Chinese if you want to buy from oversea
    About the payment?
    Since Paypal is really terrible, they often take too much from the transaction, Etc, If I sell products for 700$,I only got 625$ to my bank account, I sell a product for 100$, I maybe got 55$ to my bank account if I withdraw one by one
    So I choose stripe rather than Paypal
    How I get the traffic
    I learned a lot from this forum and my failed journals, currently, I know what method works for me
    I will send mass emails with own script and spam with target keywords
    pretty good method,I will do this if I have time

    Anyway, it's not an easy way to reach the target, I don't often update this thread and don't know when will I get my first order, but I will have a try to reach the 4000$ target
  2. Ismael Belfkih

    Ismael Belfkih Newbie

    Sep 12, 2019
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    Elite programmer.
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    Good luck man