Chimp Rewriter and The Best Spinner Importing old spun articles?

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    I read that Chimp Rewriter (CR) will allow me to import my old, already spun articles and use the synonyms it finds in those old articles to build me a new, niche specific, thesauri in it. Its ability to do this will save me hours of time.

    Does The Best Spinner (TBS) have a similar capability?

    Also, TBS will spin the ordering of lists in comma seperated form. A, B, C, to C, A, B to B, A, C etc. etc. Does it have the ability to not spin sentences (or to unspin certain parts of sentences) in the program. Sometimes when you spin all the words in the list around the adjectives that further describe the items in the list need to match up. The last item in the list needs to be C or it does not match up with the rest of the sentence.

    That is a not very good question up above. What I mean is, can I select a sentence that I have spun using a niche specific thesauri and tell TBS to not spin that sentence. The sentence will just revert back to its state prior to the spin. Then I can hopefull spin it at the sentence level so that the nouns and adjectives in the lists match up.
    How about with CR?

    Do both of these programs have spintax checking so it is easy to find text that violates the rules and fix it? Does it just give a list of text it thinks is wrong or does it go and highlight suspected text in another color so it is easy to find.

    I am using a great program right now but it will not allow me to create my own niche thesauri and when it mixes up the A, B, C lists it is rather difficult to fix because of the way it changes sentence structure. Or atleast it is for me.

    Can either of them create a list of best synonyms so I can create the top 3 synonyms for each word or phrase and have them automatically inserted into the text.

    Thanks for considering these questions.

    (The most important question is probably if TBS will use old spun articles to create a niche thesauri. I am in a rather specialized niche. There is industry jargon. If that is not changed correctly it would be noticed almost immediately by human readers. Having a thesauri could save me an hour or more on each rewrite.)
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