Cheque Scam

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It definitely a scam, heard of this many times before. Tell him to go to the fuzz immediately, hes only going to get into trouble if he tries to be sneaky and keep the money.
Tell him not to spend any of the money, the check will not clear

advise: do whatever you have to, he will loose big if you dont

and if it does clear, thats money laundering=jail
Old scam, check won't clear and the police will investigate him if he tries to cash it.
Best bet is take the check to the police and report it.
Thanks guys for your replies i`m really worried for him now!!!

If anyone else wants to add comments, that would be great as I plan to show him this thread to help convince him.
Oldest scam in the book. He ends up sending the dude $3,500 and the $4,000 check bounces. Any minute now the bank will call him up saying the check was bogus. NOW he will be owing the bank $4,000 and the other dude is laughing at the strip club.
I use to work at a bank... sucky job. Not a big deal for your friend. Just don't use the money... it iwll bonce. Our customers use to get charged $6 for the check boncing... but nohting else. Maybe complete a form for the security department.

But some of these checks are such good fakes they are printed on REAL BANK CHECKS and have reall account #s. So sometimes the bank will actually send the money, then the owners will see it wsan't authorized.. send it to the fraud department. It can take 4 to 6 weeks. Mean while anyone with good standing with there bank will have the check clear... so it would seem. Then when the fraud department of the one bank talks to your bank. BAM!!!!

I had a friend this happened to in 1998. He sold a Honda motor to a fake guy in TX. Lost $4,000 .. he had th emoney in the bank and had no over draft issues... but never saw that motor again.

Also if the fraud is out side of the country the Feds will not chase anything over $4,998.00. This is why every time it will be at or under this amount. Image know exactly where this jerrk lives and the feds tell you to go take a hike, it's not worth thier time.

This dollar figures change all the time... so maybe the dollar figure will get lower, or already has. So you crazy scammers reading this... do your home work first... I worked at a bank 5 years ago. lol
Ok guys thanks for the comments but he is determined to get the cash, greed has taken over so what would be the worst case scenerio?? Having to pay back the bank monthly or some kind of criminal conviction.
This scam has been around for a while. I'm sure he hasn't heard of it and I'm very surprised that he even fell for it.

If he cashes that check, it will definitely come back as nonsufficient funds. He will have to eventually pay it back or possibly get his account closed. He should follow some of the advice given above and not cash it, don't send the money.
I"m guessing this is the U.S.?

Here's how it goes. It takes an average of seven days to clear a check in the United States. However, U.S. law requires that banks allow access to the funds within five days.

Therefore, there is a two day 'float' period in which he has 'free money'.

The scammer will then request that he sends a portion of it back: usually 50%

scammer --> $20,000 check -->victim --> bank --> float --> victim --> $10,000 wire --> scammer

Now, after, the two day float period has ended; the check will bounce, the transaction is reversed and the victim is left with a -$10,000 bank balance.

Don't fall for that shit. Even if the check clears it will be reversed.
That's crazy. He'll regret he took that cash, I gaurantee ya. You should show him this thread.
could you please knock him out the next time you see him for believing such crap ?
could you please knock him out the next time you see him for believing such crap ?
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If he is honest he will not get into any trouble but they check will not clear. This is a very common scam. Usually they try to purchase something and say like:

"I have a check for $5,000 that is coming and I will put it in your name, you can send me the item and keep the price of it plus $300 for your troubles, thanks!"

Then they follow up demanding the money sooner before they check gets a chance to bounce back (out of area check that takes over a week to fail to clear) so they get your cash and you get screwed.
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