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Checklist. How to buy good links for your site from sellers.

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by andrewLeo, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. andrewLeo

    andrewLeo Registered Member

    Sep 2, 2013
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    Just want to share my experience.
    If you are buying blog post, post on a good site for budget 30USD+ per post or buyer advertise good links you should check next.
    In my own experience about 80% of advertised are failed on item 1, even if advertised that the domains are clear and good.

    1) Check that domain is NOT the drop one. What I mean - the domain could expire and someone else could buy it on auction like godaddy. It could not have even expire page.
    check is simple - go to archive web site and check that the first version of the site was the same as this one (not by design, at least the same type of content and the same contact information published on the site). If it was about euro summit 2009 and now it is about finance - skip.
    Again about 80% of offers fails to show it.
    2) You should be suspicious if the site has DA 40, PR 4 and Alexa above 1 mln. It is defenetely the item 1 above.
    3) Check for social signs and comments on the other publications. If there is nothing - it is suspicious as well.
    4) If you pay good money check if website has contact information - NOT the web form to fill it. About us page with real contacts should be also present.
    5) Check if they accept guest post. If so - this is cheap one and quite useless.
    6) When link is delivered - check for follow - check link itself + check the header of the page + check robots.txt
    7) After google crawls it - check the cache of google. Is it there - this one was my last experience, when link was placed after the post was made and it is not indexed so far, I don't know if google will catch it and when and I defenetely don't like it.
    8) If you ahve tools like ahrefs - it will show you the link fast, if it is good and will show you follow or not.
    9) Webmaster tool will also show - but later. If webmaster tool doesn't show it - there should be an issue - from my experience it shows all good links.

    Please write you own check list, please. I light miss something and would be interested in how to check the sellers.

    Thank you,
  2. Bojyy

    Bojyy Newbie

    Jul 24, 2015
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    Hey andrewLeo

    Thanks for the tips, I've been purchasing a lot of domains recently and several of these I haven't considered.