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    I?m looking for a someone to write a simple interface that adds a customer wordpress install to an Amazon EC2 instance. It will needs to:
    1. create the mysql database and record login info
    2. modify appropriate apache settings.
    3. Activate wordpress pluggins and provide a few set of information
    4. Close down these wordpress sites on command
    5. It will also need to backup the AMI instance daily to amazon S3 and be able to provide a restore of the day before if needed.
    Payment: I will be paying for this. Let?s discuss the specifics of what I am looking for and then we can come to a price. I?m interested in profit sharing also if you are interested as I have some other projects like this and these kinds of abilities could be invaluable to me.

    PM me to discuss
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    I"m guessing this is for offline business or niche site...I like the idea.