Chears from a sunny country in Europe! *beer*

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    May 22, 2010
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    Hello guys (and gals maybe?),

    First things first - MASSIVE FORUM! What I learned here the last few days, I didn't even imagine it existed. So, I really look forward to receiving some advice from the guys that are doing well and I'll try my best to contribute with my limited and n00bish knowledge but hey... we live as long we learn right? ;)

    Now a few words about me... I am currently studying Business Administration with Marketing @ the University of London but... you see... I am not the "career seeker" type ;) I value my time on this planet and I'm not wasting it for some corporate *cough* *a$$hole* *cough* ...

    I am into affiliate marketing and online business for about 6 months... And so far ... not a dollar into my PayPal account, but I'll keep on pushing, till I get no more room to store my Ferarri collection :D

    Well that's about it... I really like this community! Some of you guys share amazing info, hope I'll grow to be like you soon :)

    Cheers once again, with a cold beer and tons of enthusiasm!