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Cheapest clothing and apparels with price list

Discussion in 'Dropshipping & Wholesale Hookups' started by thor0, Feb 3, 2017.

  1. thor0

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    Jul 25, 2014
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    We are t-shirt suppliers from India. We also do hoodies, caps, combs, leggings, embroidery patches and more...
    I would start with price list for tees and printed tees. We only accept minimum order of 100+ pieces. Sample images would be sent on Skype/Whatsapp upon request.
    All items include FREE worldwide shipping!!!

    Price list for tees:

    Cotton -bio wash- Round Neck:

    160 GSM - $3.7 per peice
    180 GSM - $3.9 per peice

    Cotton Collar Neck:
    220 GSM - $5.55 per peice
    240 GSM - $5.60 per peice

    Polyester Round Neck:
    110 GSM - $2.8
    180 GSM - $3.5

    Printing charges

    Printing for cotton
    A3 size printing single color FREE!!!
    Dual color printing single color FREE!!!
    Multi color digital printing $0.6 per piece

    Printing for polyester
    Sublimation - 0.01 per square inch

    Pricing on samples:
    160 GSM cotton bio wash round neck $4
    180 GSM cotton bio wash round neck $4
    220 GSM cotton collar neck $8
    240 GSM cotton collar neck $8
    110 GSM Polyester roundneck $4
    180 GSM Polyester roundneck $4

    * Shipping costs for samples starts @ $22
    * Custom printed tees are not available for samples

    For more details, Skype me at rooksandcamels
    Check out our starting brochure here