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    Hi guys

    I'm a newbie trying to make a dolla out of inspiration and research. My friend recommended I study this website. I have found it somewhat hard to come to grips with some of the terms, methods and styles used to generate income.

    I have become aware of affiliate PPFS. Particularly that of chaturbate.

    Am I correct in thinking, signing up to the affiliate. Then I can mass produce and sign up email accounts under my own referral?

    If I can generate a mac or auto feature to generate the email production and sign up process, then surely, I am on to a winner?

    I really do just need a chance and some guidance. Any information is very appreciated.

    I am seeking a mentor, if anyone is willing to give up some time and mentor me.


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    You mean making a bot to signup under your affiliate link? If it's that then no it won't work they'll ban you quiclky once they realize your traffic is not converting or actually simply interacting after the signup.
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    so let me tell you how cpa/aff networks before they pay you

    They track non proxy ip so you need unique home IP dynamic

    They track device ID so every sign up must be in different device mobile/pc

    they track mouse movement but rare

    They verify user details every sign up must be legit they got address checker

    So no bot works in this type of cheating please remember that.

    Easy work = no money = ban
    Hard work = more money = network trust
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