Chatroulette is Down: New Version Launches Today


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May 1, 2009
Chatroulette has been shut down. The site now hosts a message saying:


The experiment #1 is over now. Thanks for participating. Renewed and updated version of the website will be launched today."

But what will change?
The site could be made more interesting (and that it could avoid the incessant penis problem) by automatically directing users to people who are "nexted" the least. In theory, that could reduce the hit-and-miss nature of the experience, but it would be challenging to execute it right.

Original article here:
I guess a lot lot of programming needs to be done to fix all these bots!
I hate chat roulette, every time I start the chat, I see some penis.. :(
they're back with a new interface, they managed to make a completely unusable website after one week...

congratz chatroulette, keep up the great work!
I make approx $300 a month with chatroulette. Guess you can thank me for all the ads you see pop up cussing at. :rolleyes:
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