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Chasing Traffic

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by scb335, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. scb335

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    Mar 5, 2008
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    I'm a single-focused person when it comes to Internet Marketing, I want conversions. And the only way to get conversions is to get traffic, and the best way to make the most of your time is to get targeted traffic.

    I never worry about meaningless (to me) stuff like Page Rank, and I only give minimal time and thought to SERPs too.

    Yeah, free search engine traffic is great and shouldn't be overlooked, but its only 1 slice of a huge pie. There are a ton of ways to bring targeted visitors to a web site that have nothing to do with the search engines and these shouldn't be overlooked either.

    Whenever I start marketing a new product or enter a new niche one of the first steps I take is to develop a strategy for directing targeted traffic to my new site.

    To me there are basically 3 types of traffic: "created, purchased and borrowed/stolen"

    Below is a list of methods/places for each type. While some of them can serve dual purposes, the one thing all of them have in common is they allow you to step in-front of targeted human traffic and direct them to your web site.

    I hope its useful to you. We have a large pool of talented and creative people in this forum, so if you find this useful or helpful please don't thank me or post "nice posting", but rather add to the list with something I've left out or you've discovered or learned along the way that brings targeted traffic for you. Thanks

    1) CREATED TRAFFIC - Ways to generate traffic by trading work and time
    a) SEO (on-site optimizations)
    b) Web 2.0 Platforms =>
    ...250+ others listed here: http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/blogging/27558-250-free-blog-sites.html
    c) Building Link Farms/Niche networks (auto-generated content sites are best)
    d) Article Marketing =>
    ...Content Caboodle
    ...Article City
    ...isnare ($2 submission fee)
    ...lots more smaller and niche article directories
    e) Press Releases
    f) RSS Pinging
    g) eMail list promotions
    h) Blogs (your own)
    i) Free classifieds =>
    ...List of a bunch more here: http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/craigslist-other-classified-ads-sites/29408-list-classified-ads-sites.html
    j) Web Directory Submissions
    k) Use a "Bookmark this page" script on your site
    l) Offline Promotions =>
    ...Custom T-Shirts
    ...Bumper Stickers
    ...Yard Signs
    ...Business Cards
    ...More great ideas here: http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/making-money/48786-offline-marketing-personal-favorites.html

    2) PURCHASED TRAFFIC - Ways you can trade money for traffic
    a) PPC =>
    ... Yahoo Search Marketing
    b) Purchased banner ads
    c) Purchased links
    d) Paid reviews
    e) Paid blog postings
    f) Paid classifieds =>
    ...Offline Print Publications
    g) Affiliates =>

    3) BORROWED/STOLEN TRAFFIC - Ways you can step in-front of existing traffic and take visitors to your site
    a) Free reviews
    b) Free blog posts
    c) Leaving blog comments
    d) Forum postings
    e) Yahoo! Answers
    f) Social Bookmarks
    g) Uploading YouTube videos
    h) Commenting on other's YouTube videos
    i) Webrings
    j) Toplists
    k) Use a "Tell a friend" script on your site
    l) Create freeware or screensaver and PAD file, submit to freeware/shareware sites
    m) eBay
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  2. sidddd

    sidddd Power Member

    May 15, 2008
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    Good list... and the organized lists helps a lot for all the members here :)
  3. scb335

    scb335 BANNED BANNED

    Mar 5, 2008
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    Wish I could have just editerd my original post to add this, but for help with (3.d of my list) finding popular or niche forums to borrow/steal traffic for your site you can check out this BHW thread:

    Also, I didn't mention Pligg sites mainly because they're not good for traffic as much as they are for cheap links, but in-case you're interested here's a list of Pligg sites that all offer direct links when you submit something and they're sorted by PR (note: Pligg sites come and go so please don't bitch if you find a link that's dead, just go find new Pliggs and come back to add them here for others)

    http://www.caomujian.com   (Direct Links)    ********          PR 5
    http://www.shilinzhongyou.com   (Direct Links)       ********          PR 4
    http://www.luc-consulting.com    (Direct Links)       ********          PR 4
    http://www.observatoriodejuventud.org  (Direct Links)   ********          PR 4
    http://www.gollwitzerhaus.info   (Direct Links)       ********          PR 4
    http://solinkable.com    (Direct Links)    ********          PR 3
    http://www.livetolearnexpo.com   (Direct Links)      ********          PR 3
    http://www.fanmemories.com   (Direct Links)      ********          PR 3
    http://www.aboutblackmold.info   (Direct Links)     ********          PR 3
    http://www.jinmengshanzhuang.com     (Direct Links)   ********          PR 3
    http://www.fortross.org      (Direct Links)    ********          PR 2
    http://www.iaq2000.org    (Direct Links)    ********          PR 2
    http://www.daymoq.com    (Direct Links)  ********          PR 2
    http://www.periscopeprojects.org   (Direct Links)     ********          PR 2
    http://www.michellelpalmer4art.com   (Direct Links)   ********          PR 2
    http://www.ragdollclub.org   (Direct Links)      ********          PR 2
    http://www.keeferforcongress.com  (Direct Links)   ********          PR 2
    http://www.informacjemoto.info    (Direct Links)     ********          PR 1
    http://www.bestogloszenia.info   (Direct Links)    ********          PR 1
    http://www.shgaoge.com     (Direct Links)     ********          PR 1
    http://bittorrental.com    (Direct Links)      ********          PR 0
    http://thongstrings.com    (Direct Links)    ********          PR 0
    http://quwaii.com   (Direct Links)       ********          PR 0
    http://hotmaw.com   (Direct Links)       ********          PR 0
    http://crawlerbots.com   (Direct Links)     ********          PR 0
    http://www.dekvanz.com   (Direct Links)   ********          PR 0
    http://www.tribrain.net   (Direct Links)    ********          PR 0
    http://www.lakecountryandr.com   (Direct Links)   ********          PR 0
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