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    I have a new site up 1 month, I using wordpress. On one of the pages I did I've just noticed that the actual keyword I used in my page title and title tag does not
    get any searches, the keyword is ie. "How To Stay Sober" I want to change it to "How You Can Stay Sober" I have done very little baclinking if any to this page.

    So I want to change the page title and title tag to "How You Can Stay Sober" and I want to change the url to this as well. Will this be an issue? Do I need to do a 301 redirect. I have the plugin(Redirection) for this installed in worpress

    I am not to up on this but thought it might not be a major problem as I do not have any backlinking done to that page, so I won't lose any links coming in?

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