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    This is what I am looking to do and I was wondering if it is possible, and if so how do I do it.

    I am directing traffic to a CPA offer which has link1 through greyhat methods.

    I have created a fake site to try and mask where my traffic is coming from, called site1

    Site1 has a link to the offer aswell.

    Is there are way to change the referrer so that users who click through link1 appear to have have come from site1?

    Thanks in Advance

    Hope this made sense
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    You can use a meta tag refresh redirect on your site1.

    For example:

    Let's say your site is Simply create an offer.html with this code inside:

    <meta http-equiv="REFRESH" content="0;url=HERE GOES YOUR CPA AFFILIATE LINK/">

    So, now when you go to the you will be redirected to the CPA page.

    What you can do now is use the same link on your banner/link or whatever you use in your fake site and also drive the grayhat traffic to the same link. Refferer should be seen as

    Before you start driving traffic, check which refferer url shows Google Analytics, because sometimes it can go through and leak.

    In this case, try to do double meta tag refresh redirect.

    For example, in the offer.html instead sending directly to the CPA offer, send it to offer2.html. And in the offer2.html code insert your CPA offer link.

    Hope this helps, sorry for my engish, not a native ;)
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