Changing backlinks on PBN

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    I has an ecommerce site, that was too bottom heavy, like backlink weak on homepage. (At least thats what I tought)
    In ecommerce i dont target my homepage for anything. For all my keywords I rank inner pages, so as every competitor.

    I created a 20 domain PBN. That I think I have wasted with backlinks to my homepage with brand anchors. Because in the meantime I have earned some real backlinks to the homepage too. And nothing really happened regarding this action.
    So I have decided to turn them into some more targeted inner page backlinks, with great anchor text diversity.

    Is it possible to change the backlinks in this case?
    I am thinking about deleting backlinks from existing pbn post (leave the post there), and create a new post with the new backlink.

    I have heard that adding more than 1 link for the same money site on a PBN are not the best idea. Any ideas on that?
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