Change to Wetpaint's Terms of Service

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    Just a warning, for want of a better term, for the folks that use Wetpaint.

    Quick backstory:

    We (a wiki I help run) recently had a spambot advertising that darling Canadian Pharmacy, and a high-level member of the Wetpaint staff came to assist with cleanup. He joined and immediately promoted himself to Administrator.

    We've had some disagreements and shared some criticisms with Wetpaint staff in the past and, in fact, recently started a petition on the Wetpaint Central website. They usually *half* listen to us because of the size of our wiki, but always begrudgingly. They no laik us so much.

    In fact, they refused the change in policy despite an overwhelmingly positive reaction to the petition.

    Anywho, if you're familiar the Wetpaint system, you'll know that it's easy for Moderators and Administrators to exchange PM's by just sending messages to "All Moderators." My wiki's been planning to go independent, and this issue pretty much cinched that that'd be happening pretty soon.

    We mentioned it in some all-mods PM's, and the Wetpaint staffer, of course, felt the need to read them.

    To quote him:

    Actual Thread Content

    This is the Wetpaint TOS, for those who don't know:

    Now, I checked the TOS a week and a half ago, and section 7 was not in its current condition; it used to state that authors of content are free to use the CC license if they wish to, and that every contribution is owned by its respective author.

    To paraphrase, Wetpaint screwed everybody using their platform just to keep my folks on there. They now, in effect, own everything running the Wetpaint platform.

    What's odd is that the Google cache shows the TOS in its current state on the 24th of February, and I happen to know that ain't the case. I think I recall reading somewhere that it's fairly easy to compromise Google caches; is that true?

    Oh, and it looks like they changed section 6 in the past hour. Yay.

    Note the lack of a "Subject to change without notice" clause. . .

    "Afterword" or Whatever Term Blows Your Skirt up:

    We're working on getting this BS reversed, but we're not getting very far.

    So, just letting y'all know that Wetpaint is not be a very good service to be using anymore.

    If you'd like to contribute to getting it reversed, please complain to Wetpaint staff. There are several obvious ways to do so, so I'm not going to insult your intelligence.

    Also, might I suggest that folks that already use Wetpaint take a screenshot of the TOS, save a .html and print it out? If they make another revision, we should be able to nail them on the basis of their not notifying us of the changes.

    And if you have any suggestions of ways to "stick it to Papa Wetpaint," please let us know about them.

    And yes, in terms of legality, they're on very shaky ground.

    Hope this info's useful to somebody,
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