Chances Are If You Aren't Doing This You're Losing 60% Of Your Potential Revenue

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    So this is a follow up to my original Clickbank guide which you can find here

    Also for those of you who are saying I'm stealing the method from my own website.. That's my website I'm taking the article from :p I'm just sharing with you guys! :)



    Anyways so this article makes a pretty big claim... If you're not doing this one super duper cool trick you're losing tons of money! Well unlike almost every other BS guru out there I'm actually being serious. Also unlike them I'm going to teach you how to do it for free hehe.

    Anyways I hope you all are doing lovely this Friday night I'm staying in to educate yalls... (Someone give me an English lesson)

    Let's do this!

    Your Error

    So the error you're making is chances are you're making tons of affiliate sales... But are you collecting any leads? What happens when you lose your rankings or whatever else happens...

    If you're not collecting the emails of those you sell to you're losing those customers FOREVER... I mean yeah that one time $20 commission was awesome but wouldn't you like to make $100 per person instead of just $20? Stephen and I have crunched some numbers... The average lead is worth about $100 yeah that's not a joke.

    Okay let's crunch a few more numbers... 100x$100 = $10,000 h*ly sh1t that's right I'm telling you a MEASLY list of 100 subscribers is worth $10,000 crazy right? Yeah it is crazy but it's also true

    (You must realize these are high quality buyer lists not crappy spam lists. Lucky for you my next method is going to teach you a shweeet method on how to capture leads and make the sale!)


    Okay so it's SO EASY SO EASY SO EASY I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DIDN'T THINK OF THIS BEFORE (you wont believe it either :p)

    Okay so from now on your affiliate pages are going to redirect to a squeeze page which after submission will redirect them to the product with your affiliate ID

    Let's go over two things!

    Your affiliate page is the page you're selling say a clickbank item on (as an affiliate) or maybe a WSO or even an item off of Amazon (your affiliate links will now point at your squeeze page instead ofthe clickbank page)

    Your squeeze page is just a page with an email submit form on it NOTHING else (This is the page that points at the product with your affiliate ID)

    So I've turned my Far From It Affiliate Page into a live example for you guys. All of my affiliate links on that page now link to my squeeze page! After they fill out the squeeze page they will be redirect to the product with my affiliate ID!

    Here are some images

    First is just my affiliate link on my sales page


    Now after they click on that "Get It Here" link they'll be taken to my squeeze page which looks like this


    Then after they click that download button it will take them to the far from it sales page!

    I added a free ebook of mine just to sweeten the deal!

    PS. You can see the entire process by visiting this page

    PPS. The Plugin I'm using to create the squeeze page is called Lead Rocket

    Badass so now every 100 sales I make instead of making $2000 in theory I'm making $12000 since I can sell things to them again later down the road!

    You've got the knowledge NOW go apply it!!!

    Transform those one time buyers into lifetime customers

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    Sought after info for any newbie wanting ro scale for free. Great share
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    Pretty good idea that not many affiliates do. I think it kinda depends on the quality of traffic as to whether or not this is more effective than just sending traffic straight to the affiliate page. In my experience the more steps in between them clicking through my link to the order form page, the less conversions but that's just my experience.
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    Simple, Easy & Smart at the same time. Getting emails before sending to a landing page is a best idea ever. Don't loose your money & invest in this long-term business model
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    Couldn't agree more. Physical businesses (stores etc.) have the ability to sell to the same customer over and over again based on simply being nearby. On the internet we obviously aren't any closer (location wise) to the end user than any of our competition, so whether they buy or don't buy, they're gone forever. Retaining the leads to make more money down the line increases your revenue so much it's crazy more people don't practice this.