CHALLENGE: Need Names Extracted From A Website (Manually, Custom Program or Hacking)

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    Intuit has a website with a list of 15,000 people trained to use their Quickbooks product:

    proadvisor d0t intuit d0t c000m slash accountant-match slash

    I need a complete list of the 15,000 names, addresses, contact information in an Excel spreadsheet ...

    You can do this job:
    (1) manually (cut & paste into a spreadsheet),
    (2) with a custom scaping program, or
    (3) by hacking into the database

    I do NOT care as long as you generate an ACCURATE and COMPLETE list .

    Please tell me about your solution/strategy as soon as possible ... THANKS !!

    P.S. Think I can read PM's but I do not have enough posts to answer them ... so please give me a way to reach you ...