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    I've been reading this forum for a long time now. Bought numerous programs and made money here and there. I've never contributed nothing so here's my first attempt to do so. This method got me a good amount of traffic and sign ups. I'm pretty sure if you put your own twist to it, it can make you A LOT!

    First find a celebrity that was on their webcam that you can get access to. like on stickam.com or youtube. For this example, I'll use Jessica Alba.


    Next you're going to want to take screen shots of the video so you have "proof" of chatting with jessica alba. I use Bulent's Screen Recorder. It works really well if you want to capture videos or take screen shots anywhere on your screen.


    Once you have your proof, the way you want to do advertise is your choice. Some of the ways I've done it is going to different chatrooms on AIM or YAHOO and saying "YOU GUYS WON'T BELIEVE IT! I'M TALKING TO JESSICA ALBA RIGHT NOW!". Half of the time you're going to get people who don't care. The other half are hating on you and saying "yeah right, prove it". That's where your screen shots come into place and then show them your proof. Then occassionally you get that person who's interested and gullable and says "how are you talking to her?". That's where you come and and drop your affiliate link to your webcam affiliate. You can give them a reply like "i've been talking to her on her webcam for sometime now, she let me in on a secret about her new movie. come join us and cam with us!" blah blah. I think you guys get the idea. But what I found to really work is when the person knows and trusts you. So you blackhatters with stolen social network accounts such as myspace, you can easily post a bulletin and say "IM TALKING TO JESSICA ALBA, NO JOKE! REPLY BACK IF YOU WANT THE LINK TO OUR CHATROOM." Then you drop your webcam affiliate.

    Hope this helps, i'm not the best writer. I hope you get the idea in your head. Remember to twist it to your own method. If anyone is interested, I have a private webcam sponser that works well with this and pays $20 for free signup. It does require a CC when signing up though. Pays Bi-weekly through paypal. Let me know. Hope you guys enjoy!
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