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Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by cpaaddict, Aug 21, 2008.

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    hi. this is to the affiiates with cecash. i recently joined them and see the cemags email offer. now my question is do cecash change my payout after few weeks to revshare or will i stay on the email offer like i selected?

    its a nice simple page with cple fields and we get paid. not much but $1.50 per email not bad lol

    anyways basically im trying to find out if these will indeed transfer me over to revshare like some other programs do. im only asking as i dont wanna put alot of promotiion in and find out later on ive been put into revshare instead

    so is there any cecash affiliates here?
  2. Rambo


    Aug 30, 2007
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    It all depends on your lead quality. If after a month or two, they review the quality of your leads and if it sucks and your leads are not converting for them, then yes they will convert you to revshare.

    Likewise, if your leads are of good quality and they are making 'sufficent' profits from your leads, then they will let you do what you do. I know of some people that push a lot of volume on CeCash and they have privately got better payouts.

    Its all about the quality you send them. They cannot afford to pay you $1.50 per email if your leads are poor but if your leads convert and people get signed up to monthly subscriptions, then $1.50 an email is a bargain for them.
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    Yeah, they transferred me over to Pay Per Sign up without really a notice.

    I wasn't doing anything blackhat or illegal and as far as I knew, I read the Terms of Service, but for some reason which they never fully explained I still got transferred to Pay Per Sign up

    I never read or saw the fine print where it stated that your traffic must convert at a certain level, but oh well.. no hard feelings, I just don't affiliate for them anymore.
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    i have also heard this from people on the adult boards, they switch people over to pps if the ratio is too low. can you blame them? affiliate beware before using i guess...
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    I've been pushing CECash since the end of June with a lot of email sign ups and only a few that I know that have converted and they haven't switch me yet, so if they do I am not sure of what there time frame is. But, I will say that the affiliate manager is very prompt with responding to questions.