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Jul 13, 2009
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I plan to sign up at CB, but the problem is that I'm from Serbia, and my country is not supported by Clickbank.

Is there a way to sign up (to get the money :))
I mean, are they paying "online"? (Paypal, epassporte etc.)

Thank you for reading.
Clickbank pay by check and direct deposit so I dont really know how you can use it, maybe with online bank account on the US?
You could sign up for a US mail forwarding service and have the checks mailed to you. But tha's if you are too desperate to join them.
If you have a reliable relative in a country supported by clickbank you may use his name and mailing address but your own email address ( to get notifications from clickbank and reply them if necessary). I have been successfully using this method when my country was not supported by cb. My cousine in Uk got the direct deposit from clickbank and sent me the money in my country.
Thank you all for the answers.
I will try the mail forwarding, but first I will look at some other CPA networks.
I'm not familiar with them. I mean, I'm not an expert, but not a noob (in IM)

Anyway, thank you all.
I plan to mail-forward the check, but can I transfer it to cash if the country will be USA ?
yea..but paydotcom not as big as clickbank..
and i hate mike filsaime..!!
such a scammer who sucks newbies money...
Hello Guys i will looking sign up work plz ad me oden_net AY|T Y*A*H*O*O*.C*O*M
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