CB Reviews with False Images -- Reason for Worry?

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    Now I know this is more or less illegal, however, virtually everything is illegal and/or can lead to suing in our day and age.

    As I am sitting here writing this an infomercial for peterpopoff.org is on....where he proceeds to sell people a vial of holy water for 100$ claiming that it will cure all diseases and will rid you of financial debt. Dozens of people are claiming the miracle holy water brought them 10k cheques. The fake reverend claims the holy water will supernaturally send you thousand dollar chequesI and cure cancer.

    I cannot believe in this day and age this level of snake oil scamming is still legal and being broadcasted. This dude is raking in millions still.

    But anyway I am promoting a clickbank weight loss product on one of my micro niche sites and besides my review, I have added a few fake user reviews as well. Something like "how I lost 40lbs and you can too...." with a brief story, mentioning the clickbank product was used. Then I scraped some tumblr sites for random women who have pictures of a before after weight loss transformation and stuck them next to each review.

    95% of all affiliate product/cb reviews tend to be fake....So I am not concerned with this but the fact that I am using a real persons image to an inaccurate story.

    Now as I see it, its rather impossible to prove written reviews are fake on a site you own, given all reviews are subjective and an opinion of another human. Unless specific first and last names are thrown out for the said reviewer of said review, and then that person is looked up and questioned in real life if that was actually his experience, then it is all just guessing. They could all have been my personal friends, who knows.

    In regards to the images that are aligned next to the fake reviews on the website -- the pictures themselves are of real people whom have never used said product, and never written the said review, however,.....well, as I see it....there is no mention that the picture next to the review is actually the reviewer themselves.

    Just like how people use various stock images to represent an article, it does not mean that stock picture is in anyway part of the article. It is merely there as filler. You know what I mean, people write an article saying "white carbs can kill you", and have an image of sliced white bread...it does not mean that specific white bread in the picture will kill you....rather its just used to show a random image of a white based carb for relevance sake to the article.

    In short, I never say the person that wrote the review is the person in the picture next to the review. It is simply implied, i suppose.

    Now I see people doing this all the time...even vendors are using fake before after photos for their brand new weight loss products -- where I've even seen the same before after image on a piratebay ad ten years ago, so its impossible that is real.

    Pinterest, tumblr, various review sites, etc, are all using these images. The only difference is I have a personal review story next to mine.

    Is this something to really be worried about? My concern is mainly clickbank banning, as i highly doubt a vendor or the 19 year old girl would do little more than say "remove my image please, I never used that product".

    But I really dont see what clickbank would ban about....as nothing is really able to be proven to be false. Still just wondering where the "line" is.
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    The vendor can and will ban your account if they begin getting complaints or feel that your advertising is misleading in any way. While it's unlikely the 19 year old girl will find out as she is probably not cognizant of the inner workings of the Internet, if she did find out, she would probably only complain to the website owner (you) about removing the pictures and become ostensibly litigious once she threatens you with her non-existent lawyer. If you're worried about getting banned from Clickbank, then do things ethically or don't do it at all. If you're really paranoid about someone taking legal action against you, use a computer with the Tails (Linux) operating system, use a VPN, and do all of your business like that.