CB and reviews of products how do you go about it?

Discussion in 'Clickbank' started by chockfactor, Apr 7, 2011.

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    Hey everyone, I am just wondering if you create a blog which also contains articles and not just reviews.

    How do you get the visitors to move from the article over to the review?

    Do you add a new page so they always can see it?

    And if so what would be a good name to get them to clickthrough?

    Or do you make a static homepage with the review?
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    Most people I know who make review sites, have reviews on the website only. They try to rank for keywords relevant to the product, like "*product name* scam/review/discount/coupon" etc.
    When people get there based on such a search, there is no reason to have articles on the website too.

    If you do want to include them however, just make sure they are more or less relevant to the product you want to sell. An article about link-building could for example be ended with a sentence like "A very handy linkbuilding tool called *product name* is available online. You can see the product page _here_ and my in-deptch review of the program _here_".