Caught Bidding on Trademark Twice

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    Jan 6, 2010
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    Hey I really need some advice from some smart guys here. I've been caught by an affiliate company bidding on their tradmark term. I've been doing this with no problems for years. I use geo-targeting to not trigger ads in the company's state. I was caught once before but I was only excluding the city. I also use cloaking and change the referrer so that it looks like it's coming from my website. Now they said that my account is suspended and it is pending review and they want me to explain as to why I was doing it. Any advice here would be greatly appreciated. Especially on the point of what they may be thinking. Is there some beleivable excuse that I could use as to "it was accidentally triggered" somehow? Has anyone had this experience and overcame it? I'm a little concerned because I'm reading an article about how some companies sue for trademark infringement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!