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CASHPIRATE recently added surveys!

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by cmz1023, Jun 13, 2015.

  1. cmz1023

    cmz1023 Newbie

    Apr 27, 2015
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    Cashpirate has recently added Surveys to their app, which can let you make anywhere from 1-30 dollars per day! they also pay out in paypal.
    they're adding around $30 dollars worth of surveys per day, use my referral code VPGBRK to get a bonus fifty cents for free!

    A good method might be to buy a lg optimus fuel from kroger for $9.99, because you get a free $10 dollar google play giftcard with it that you can sell to someone then use the lg optimus fuel to just download a ton of apps for cashpirate and just make a decent amount of money. I would post the link to the lg optimus fuel deal for 9.99 but blackhat says i'm not allowed so sorry D: