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Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by cashcorp, Jul 11, 2008.

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    If any of you have browsed the making money section, your probably aware Im in a bit of a bind-(A very small bind, I'm about $1000 short of the downpayment on the Apt. I've been looking to buy. Yes, buy-As in a mortgage and all.) But I could certainly use any extra cash beyond that as well-The more I pay upfront now, the lower my mortgage is going to be.

    So I've got a killer new product in the works, and I have full confidence I'll see all the cash I need coming from there. But it occured to me as I was piecing the material together, that I could at very least cover the $1k I need now-and a little bit beyond that-by offering my services as a coach as well.

    Now, this is not a sales thread-I'll be dropping some very nice videos of my affiliate commissions for june/july for clickbank,ebay,moreniche, and my paypal/bank balances.

    So I'm simply trying to get a feel for demand-I'm going to be busy marketing my new product soon, and dont want to spend any additional time trying to signup coaching clients. I'd prefer I take on the ten "students" I'm after all as BHW members.

    So is there demand here? I'll be coaching for the following:

    1:Clickbank, and eBay whitehat marketing. Believe it or not, there's a formula to banking with these programs. It's not extremely complex, and I see 8-9k a month this way. But to be honest, I dont invest nearly the time or effort I should in these programs. If someone learns from me, and scales-the potential is .. well limitless.

    2:Cookie stuffing! We all know I bank a shitload of money this way, and I dont just stick to ebay-not to mention I've never once had an account shutdown (well, in the early days I did. But that wasnt even with eBay!) So thats something else I'd be willing to mentor in.

    3:product creation, and direct marketing. (Instead of dealing with affiliate programs, the money goes straight to you! This is an area Im only just now expanding into. But the principles are almost identical to traditional affiliate marketing. Theres hundreds of things unique to this area however. You have to create the product, make sure your niche has plenty of low competition keywords, the list goes on. I'm really enjoying this, as it feels more like Im building an army of MY own cash pumping sites-rather than an army of cash pumping sites for some other douchebag who pays me a measly commission.

    Basically whichever package you were to pick, I can guarantee you your money back many times over. Personally, if your not having success with basic online marketing (whitehat stuff) I would learn this whitehat marketing first. Cookie stuffing is powerful as hell-But it's alot easier and more comfortable to live knowing no matter what happens with your blackhat efforts, your going to have enough to live on every month. (and then some!)

    So.... yes,no, is there a demand?
    I'd expect students to see around 4-5k there first month, from 2-3 products/sites built with my help. We can have these off the ground within 2-3 days.
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    I'd be interested in the whitehat stuff (actually any of it, but like you said, best to have that consistent flow). I'm sure you will be asked this question 100 timesin this so I guess its hit to start somewhere... How much are you thinking for this? I know its not a sales thread just curious in maybe a ballpark figure.
  3. DeskCoder

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    1 and 3 for me. I can do cookie stuffing (I like to think I am pretty sneaky at it.)

    How much?
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    Im sure the demand is there. Just give us a ballpark figure on how much you would ask for for your coaching, so. I'd be interested in the cookie-stuffing first, and the white hat marketing second.
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    From previous experience, all this kind of threads- i wanna see whether is potential or not- turn into a sales one at one point or the other. Therefore, their place is in the buy/sell/trade section.
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