Cashassociate How Legit?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by gold digz007, Apr 10, 2012.

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    Anyone here have experience with this network? How legit are they?

    I signed up to try them out a few weeks ago after I dumped moreniche products off some of my sites because of their ridiculous badge requirement. Cashassociate products seemed solid, but noticed some questionable matters.

    1) Their site tell you they have all this marketing materials and articles, after I joined there are no marketing materials and articles, just a few banners.

    2) They have 2 software where you're supposed to download to your desktop for instant notification of sales and the other to check overall stats. After wasting time trying to get them to work, found out they don't work after emailing them.

    3) Commissions are not in real time, it can take days for commissions to show up. Although on their site it says sales are usually approved within 24 hours, this is simply not true. Just found out it can take 1 day to 3 WEEKS to know if you made a commission supposedly for fraud protection.

    4) High minimum balance of $300 to get your commission. They pay up days later from the payment date.

    5) You don't know that there is a fee taken out until you get your commission. They pay you as a seller if through paypal. Still waiting to know what fee if any taken out for check payments. Nothing on the site discuss this. Anyone know how long it is to get your check and what fee they charge for US?

    6) Email respond time slow, if you even get one. Have to send email twice to get a respond.

    Other networks are upfront about these things, reasonable notification time of sales, and on time with payments. So if anyone have experience with cashassociate for a good period of time now, whether good or bad please post. Trying to decide if I should just skip this one or not.