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    February is here, and Cashadmin is ready with a new promotion. In a fit of brilliance, we came up with a name and we?re calling it the ?February Promotion?!

    We?ve also got new affiliate tools that will come in very handy.

    New Features

    We now have a direct linking option, which makes affiliate codes unnecessary and protects your sales. Second, we now have a Cname tool that enables you to keep all the traffic you send to our sites, and keeps it in your domain instead of sending to ours. Builds customer loyalty, trust, and all the other good things. You can find this all in your affiliate panel on the left side.

    Now, the promotion. Here?s how it goes.

    For New Affiliates

    If you haven?t signed up with Cashadmin yet and you want to start making money with us, up to 10 orders you?ll get 22% commission.

    BUT ? if you send us 10-20 orders, we?ll up it to 24%.

    AND ? if you send us 20-30 orders, it goes up to 27%.

    LAST BUT NOT LEAST ? above 30, 30 is what your commission is. 30%!

    As always, any customer you refer once is yours FOR LIFE. You get ALL reorders, ALL the time. And once we have a loyal customer, that customer stays with us because our prices are simply the best on the net.

    For Existing Affiliates

    Take a look at your best month of orders of the past two months. For every 10% increase in orders, we?ll give you a 2% increase in commission.

    Example: Say the most you sent in December/January was 50 orders and your baseline is 28%. Send us 55 approved orders this February and you?ll get 30%. Send us 60 and you?ll get 32%. 65, you?ll get 34%.

    The voice of February knocketh at the door.
    She has cometh.

    Up to the task?

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