[CASESTUDY] Ebook Warez Site hosting Adsense for more than 4 years = HUGE Success.

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    Being an active internet surfer & BH Newbie, I came across a site in 2008 which was constantly posting EBOOKS based on IT & Computer Science category alongwith DOWNLOAD LINKS from various file sharing hosts. (Eg: Rapidshare, File)
    The list of ebooks posted on that site was actually published by BIG PUBLICATIONS like Apress, Oreilly, TMC etal. On top of that the site admin was publishing ADSENSE advertisements on every page.

    My initial reaction for that site was:
    • The site has Amateur admins.:aloha::stupido:
    • Adsense BAN Hammer coming soon.:17:
    • Copyright infringement issue probably round the corner. (Since hosted in U.K):smoker:

    It was last week that I came across the same site (After 4 years) and to my astonishment, there was very little change in the site's agenda. It was still posting DOWNLOAD LINKS to different ebooks hosted in various file-hosting services.
    Although, there were a few minor changes in the site as listed below:
    • The Site domain was transferred from ".net" to ".us".
    • The site had lost its blog-like structure to more eye-soothing pages.:cool:
    • Hosting was transferred to Germany.
    • PageRank for that site was Not Available.:confused::confused:

    But there was something more that caught my attention. Following are the details:
    • The Site has grown enormously. I mean huge. (Round about 300k page indexed.)
    • Adsense still being published. (No BAN Hammer struck.)
    • They are now providing DIRECT DOWNLOAD service for registered members (Hosted on their own server)
    • Site Ranking in top 5 Google Search results for Broad,exact,phrasal keyword.
    • Alexa Ranking = Less than 50k
    • Organic Traffic = More than 65%

    Now my questions to the experts here are the following:
    • From what I have learned from reading Google Adsense TOS, is that they would never stand to any site/blog that comes close to publishing illegal stuffs (Cracked Softwares, Movies, MP3, warez). Then how come this site is continously racking huge money from Adsense alone, given the Alexa ranking to be within 50k.
    • How would Google rank such a illegal ebook publisher in to TOP 5 search results for a GENUINE keyword which is being searched more than 100k times every month.

    For spamming reason, I have not mentioned the site details here. (But blackhatter's who read my post can find the site in matter of seconds - Hint already in the post).

    Awaiting response from seniors around.

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