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[Case Study] Which free service provides the best ratio/views for youtube currently ?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by cgimaster, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. cgimaster

    cgimaster Power Member

    Jun 30, 2012
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    Hi everyone,

    I am currently planning some stuff on PPD (I started it got some money but stopped for a while) and I also have some websites and YT channel with CPA and other stuff that I also want to boost, as such I wanted to know which sites are currently giving out the best ratio for views out there.

    I will be using the following sites for the moment:

    What tests will you run ?

    The first test is 0 to 301 which is where the views usually stop, so I will run 310 credits on multiple videos to see which will reach 300 avg and which will reach 310 or more.
    The second test will be of 1000 credits sent to each video, to see how fast they will break from the 300 limit and how much they will obtain from it.
    The third test will be retention analysis, ranking, etc, won't do anything deep here will just state the averages per service.

    All tests will have a 3~5 days break before starting the new upcoming test and all videos will be set to private and not shared to make sure there are no views from real users.

    I will be posting the results as I go and all the videos used on the tests will be newly created videos with no views/likes or anything else and I will run at least 3 videos or more per site.

    Why are you sending 310 credits on the initial one ?

    To make sure the videos reach at least 301 and/or more.

    What about likes, comments, subs, etc ?

    After I nail down the views I might do another case study for those.

    Will you try any other sites ?

    If you have a suggestion from any other sites similar to vagex, u2bviews and shareyoutubevideos feel free to suggest and I will take a look.

    How are you making credits ?

    I have a 7$ VPS with 256MB and 15 IPs (got it on a promo) running OpenVPN (which barely takes any memory), and I have a pretty good home PC doing nothing that can handle 20+ VMs, so basically each I am using 15 VMs 5 to each site to gain credits daily.

    Will you share the videos you are using ?

    No, I will not share any of the videos because they are my niche videos.

    Keep in mind the below is just an example of how I will be posting the data based on the videos I had already running which had an avg of 10~14 max views at the time and I will be running new tests for all the sites starting everything from 0.


    Initial 310 views sent result:

    Video 1: 386
    Video 2: 308
    Video 3: 301
    Video 4: 321
    Video 5: 357
    Video 6: 301

    Sent 1000 views after 3 days of the initial 310 views results:

    Video 1: 567
    Video 2: 469
    Video 3: 435
    Video 4: 478
    Video 5: 484
    Video 6: 474

    Average ratio for 300 views ? 100%
    Average ratio for 1000 views ? 156 views per 1000 credits 1/10~2/10
    Average break from 300 views on the 2nd stage ? 1~2 days

    If enough people find this interesting or worth reading I will keep it going and if have any ideas or suggestion let me know.

    PS: Was not sure of where to post, if the section is wrong hope the mods can move it for me, thx.