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[Case Study & Journey] [Ads & List] [Multilingual] Traffic Generating Web 2.0 Network (TGW2N)

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by aidenhera, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. aidenhera

    aidenhera Elite Member

    Nov 30, 2016
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    I am creating this thread so I don't give up too early on my project. It will work as both journey thread and case study. My second reason is that I am nowhere near any productive at this late hour yet I can't sleep this early (if this makes any sense).

    What I will test
    It's my first time managing multilingual website and also it's my first time creating Tier 1 links that is supposed to bring me traffic. Remember that myth saying links that bring traffic are stronger? Let's check it.

    I first started this website in English however competition there is too big. In fact there's only one serious competitor but I have no chances against him, I already had 10 HQ articles and that's why I decided to make multilingual website so I don't throw articles away.

    I will focus mainly on list, and I will also install Adsense however I don't expect to earn much from adsense.

    I already calculated how much traffic do i need for the living and that should be possible to accomplish with the list.

    Second language of my website is my native so I will collect native list first and then someday I will start creating English list as well (once I rank for English terms, which will, someday, happen, due to authority on other lingual version of site.

    So basically I don't even do anything specific to rank for English terms because of bigger competition, however I am SURE that these rankings will come sooner or later anyway.

    In case I can't rank any lingual version of my website
    In fact I got little scared recently, that's why I thought of traffic generating Tier 1 as a back up plan.

    If everything goes well, my T1 Webs 2.0 it will bring so much traffic to money site that I won't even need to bother about money site rankings.

    My income will depend on my blog network. I guess I could call it monetized Tier 1, haha!.

    And you can imagine how great it will be if then my website will start ranking? I will have incredible traffic.

    Links I have already done
    I linked both version of my website with:
    - profiles and webs 2.0 with spun content
    - expired webs 2.0

    I am sure it's worth mentioning that I built another tiers of webs, profiles, and expired webs under these. I don't even know how many tiers are there.

    I also boost everything with GSA (but far away from money site and tiers 1). My previous gsa links (had indexed over 100k) were deindexed so I had to start again.

    Its nearly impossible for me to test if links with traffic are any more influensive than normal links because of the links I had already done. However if I see any big movement since placing the links after 2-5 weeks I will assume that these are the traffic generating links.

    I also have:
    - 5 PBN blogs (i dont link out yet)
    - 2 Traffic Generating Webs 2.0 With Real Content (i dont link out yet)

    That I constantly boost with links (I don't use gsa on upper tiers so that should be alright). I think they are little weak that's why I won't link from them before they rank on kws on their own!

    I've set post scheduler with 4 articles for a month on every PBN. One per week.

    My tiered structure twists

    What is different in my tiered structure is that I am using some more sophisticated twists in it.

    1. First of all I use double set of high quality profiles and webs 2.0 platforms to filter out the GSA link juice and also stack authority and relevance.

    2. Secondly I boost everything with expired webs because they already have links. And then with GSA.

    3. I always include OBL to random niche related sites on all my tiers. If you don't do this Google will make some sort of patterns and will find all your links.

    4. I spend couple days preparing spun text for GSA and for my expired webs 2.0 and its SURE DIFFERENT.

    There are random h2 and h3 with keywords. My headings in my spun articles are based on what google returns as related searches.

    Same goes for my images. They are scraped from google. And same with OBL. I link to related sites.

    I used to include videos but I stopped.

    Every one of my spun articles that I put on expired webs are optimized in this way. You may think.. this much hassle for spun content?! But I am sure google will like it.

    What else I did to my expired webs (that are boosting every one of my tiers maybe except gsa tiers) is that I made them more user friendly. It should reach good Dwell time (time on page) and maybe even low bounce rate.

    I never tested this On any other site than money site but I am sure positive UX in your tiered structure will help.

    Spun Text for gsa is less sophisticated but I made a lot of it so it wont get banned by Google.

    If you make too simple spun text (example only synonym changing) then after you index too many articles they will start on deindexing simply because Google realised you are posting same thing over and over with automation.

    Currently I have 20MB of spun text for better tier in GSA and 30MB for another tier for gsa (which I use as contextual indexer for first tier)

    I go to bed now I will update this thread preferably as often as I can with what I have done.

    I plan on creating more expired webs and gsa links, producing more content on moneysite (two lingual versions), and everyday creating traffic generating webs 2.0 (Let's see if i can get 100 of them). I won't link out from PBN before they rank nicely on their own.

    I will update below diagram so every new person who reads this thread knows how much I have done already

    Articles on MS: 11
    Manual webs 2.0 designed for traffic: 2/100
    Earnings: 0
    Daily Organic Traffic (two versions): 10
    Daily Organic Impressions (two versions): 300

    Website in index for: About 2 months


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  2. SEO FOX


    Apr 27, 2015
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    Infront Of U!!
    Home Page:
    Good luck on the Journey
  3. aidenhera

    aidenhera Elite Member

    Nov 30, 2016
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    I got kinda locked out of BHW and my email for week or something like that probably due to someone changing my password.

    But I got it back so now I can continue journey.

    After countless thinking over and over then same thing, if its worth to continue the project or not, even thought I dont have money left, I am going to continue it for cheap with the programs I have.

    I will probably give up on english version of the website and focus on my native one.

    My native version is only one month in Index and here are the stats of last day recorded in webmaster tools:
    - 13 clicks
    - 280 impressions
    Just on:
    - 11 articles

    In fact I aim only for 100 clicks per day because thats enough if 1% of them will buy my product for me :). so its not that hard to be honest.

    All I need is add more articles so the clicks go up too. Probably even if I dont add more links I could achieve 100 clicks per day just with more articles.

    Anyway 13 clicks per day is quite good because its been just one month in the index and links usually take a month or less/more till they start influencing rankings soo I think it will end very good :).

    Next aim:
    - add more articles and think of more kws
    - keep adding links and think of more ways to create strong links
    - hit 100 clicks per day from SERP