Case Study - How An AutBlog is Getting Links from Authority Sites like HuffingtonPosts

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    While wandering on net, just came across a couple of sites, which are just regular AutoBlogs, scraping news from couple of current affairs site. No big deal.

    But I noticed that they have surprisingly great search engine rankings within their niches, which is unusual for this sort of autoblogs. It is not even paying for hosting, hosted Free on Godaddy, supported by Godaddy ads.

    Look for it.... www(.)july4thfireworkssite(.)com

    When looked for their backlinks in Yahoo Site Explorer, found that some solid authority sites like Huffingtonpost (do follow) and Torrent freak is sending them links.

    Actually these authority sites have a section, where they pick headlines from social sites like Technorati, Digg, Delicious etc. and I find that these autoblogs are able to regularly get their scraped content slipped to these authority sites, earning a linkback.

    Nice implementation.

    Could the great community here throw some light on how exactly it is being accomplished. It really has great potential to rank for your keywords by getting backlinks from authority sites.