[Case Study] From $0 a day to ??? -- Ranking a legitimate blog on high-competition KW's

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    Jul 4, 2012
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    Ok, so I've been using my main blog as a sort of case study for myself for the past few months.

    Here's some background.

    1) A few thousand backlinks using simple strategies

    Things like:
    • direct automated backlinks with GSA SER
    • Web 2.0s with original content (high quality -- written by me)
    • Link Wheels going up to Web 2.0's
    • Some very low level guest blogging
    • Leveraging my author status on some other blogs to get a site-wide authorbox link

    2) New content all the time. I think I've got around 18,000 original words on the site split into 500-ish word articles
    3) A sort of monetization method set-up
    • I really need to work on this after I work on getting my traffic up
    • Adsense blocks next to my logo at the top and at bottom of sidebar
    • I was really trying for non-intrusive ways to use adsense
    • Set up a Brandon's favorite IM tools type of page (100% credit goes to Matthew Woodward for this idea)
    • Matt really taught me a ton about affiliate marketing so I appreciate that
    4) Only getting 1-5 hits a day, 100% from organic search traffic
    • Mainly because my site is ranking on the 3rd page for most of its main keywords (or lower)
    • I really didn't want to spam blackhat methods on the site, because I'm looking for long-term growth
    • Recently I held back on the SEO side of things wanted to focus on content creation
    • Looking into alternative methods for capturing users (email marketing, etc.)

    I think I may turn this into an all-out case study, if there is interest.

    If you are wondering, the domain is pagerankworld.com and my main keywords are SEO related.

    Thanks, let me know what you think.

    I would love suggestions and any type of advice.