Case Study: Earning money with Instagram Reels for OnlyFans. A Guide to Working with Short Videos on Social Media.


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Nov 29, 2022

Reels are short videos on Instagram, which as of 2024 boasts a monthly audience of 2.23 billion users. Of these, 169 million are Americans.

Reels are the perfect traffic source for the OnlyFans vertical, the key is to understand the algorithm of short videos. In this article, we'll show you how to work with Instagram Reels using Face Swap or similar AI, discuss the posting rules, and present a case study on making $1,054 in two months.

Choosing an Offer and Getting Started

If you don't have your own OnlyFans model, you proceed to select one on any Affiliate Network with OnlyFans offers.

Since we'll be working with Face Swap, it's crucial to correctly choose the appearance of the model so that the neural network can "replace" the face without visual defects. It's important that the model in the original video resembles the one whose face will be swapped. For instance, a blonde with a bob cut and tattoos in the second photo wouldn't be suitable, as finding a reel with a similar-looking girl would be impossible, unlike the model in the first photo.

The second important criterion in choosing an offer is the saturation of the model's OnlyFans page with SFS (shoutout for shoutout) posts. If there are many such posts in the profile, it's not worth directing traffic to her at this moment because fans simply won't subscribe to the page, which means it will be harder to earn money.

It's also important to select a profile that is well-managed in terms of message handling by chatters. Your earnings from revenue sharing depend on them, as they are the ones communicating with members and selling content. To ensure their quality of work, there is a feature that allows you to check recent messages, enabling you to personally verify their performance:

For your own assessment, you should pay attention to how fans respond to the welcome message, how quickly they do so, and whether there is any cross-promotion to a paid page or other models' profiles from the agency. Otherwise, you could simply waste traffic and end up with nothing in return.

In the end, we've selected 5 offers, created campaigns for each, and now it's time to prepare for the launch.

Setting Up Instagram Accounts


To get started, you'll need a regular phone with Android or iOS. Set the language to English and the region to the US to avoid getting Latin American content in your feed recommendations. Create 5-7 accounts using different email addresses. At the same time, do not provide a phone number, in case you need to recover access or resolve any issues later. If you have the knowledge, it is better to register accounts using antidetect and proxies.

Then, you leave the new registrations to age for 2-3 weeks. Alternatively, you can purchase ready-made accounts if you don't want to farm your own.

Designing Your Instagram Account

Now we need to style the accounts. Here, it's simple: no hints of adult content, OnlyFans, flirting, etc. Then convert the account to a business profile, and set the type to creator.

Set up a Beacon, Linktree, AllMyLinks, or direct redirect. There are many ways to do it, but in this case, Beacon is used because there, you can manage many accounts for free:

Content Preparation

We begin by searching for Instagram accounts of arbitrageurs that are promoting on OnlyFans, or we can source videos directly from models' TikTok accounts. To find such videos, one might go here, like some content, and view all Reels; after that, your recommended feed will be filled with similar clips. What remains is to choose those who look similar to your model by appearance.

Now let's move on to preparing the videos for upload:

  1. Download all photos and videos of the model;
  2. Use Face Swap or similar AI to replace faces;
  3. Run the obtained photos and videos through a neural network to enhance the quality.
The higher the quality of the content, the greater the reach that Instagram provides. Combining Face Swap with neural networks for enhancement results in a 30% increase in reach, based on our experience.

While the accounts are aging, we prepare all the new content in this way: 90 photos for carousel format, and 30 reels per account. For 5 models, that's a total of 500 photos and 150 reels.

Posting Rules

Don't worry too much about the videos: often the face is slightly distorted due to Face Swap - this is not a problem. It may even positively affect the reach, as people might rewatch such clips more often, which can push them into the recommendations.

You need to post every day during peak times for the USA. Hashtags almost have no impact on the outcome, but lengthy descriptions can positively influence the reach.

Account Promotion

This case is about playing the long game. You need to develop and enhance the accounts so they gain reach and engagement under the posts. Without buying ads at the start, posts will only gather around 10-20 views. Ads can be purchased in chats, or on specialized platforms like Gigsocial.

Also, remember to be vigilant, as there is a lot of scamming in this area, and one needs to be cautious. Check screenshots for stitching, and it's better to ask for a video screenshot. Don’t agree to the initially offered price right away, try to negotiate a test. Sometimes service providers agree to reduce the price by 2-3 times.

Buy ads from accounts with an audience from the USA over 70%:

Advertising in reels and profile tags performed poorly and brought almost no results. Users simply scroll past them and don't visit the profile. The most effective is advertising in the stories of other models, or tags under photos/carousels.

The main goal is to gain organic engagement in the account so that Instagram will provide its own reach. The most important thing is to ensure the account does not become predominantly Latin American because it’s very challenging to shift the focus back to the USA.

Instagram Algorithms

Carousel posts with several photos, as well as regular photos with long descriptions that don’t hint at adult content, worked best for us. Also, initially, your account may receive complaints, so check the account visibility settings and strikes from the social network. If a complaint is received for sexual content on any photo or video, delete it within 24 hours. That way, the account won’t get banned or shadow-banned.

Case Study: Making $1,000 in 2 Months from Scratch

Everything we've discussed above has brought us about a million views on our Reels:

Of course, working with Instagram involves an element of luck, and in this regard, we definitely got lucky:

All these views and reach have brought us 1,625 clicks, 210 fans who spent $4,217 on the model's profile, and the profit from revenue share amounted to $1,054:


As the case study shows, Instagram Reels are an excellent source of traffic for OnlyFans, and while the combo with Face Swap is still effective, we recommend that you also try using it.
Great case study! How do you bypass DMCA stuff since we are using other girls videos and photos for face swapping? Isnt that a issue?
Great case study! How do you bypass DMCA stuff since we are using other girls videos and photos for face swapping? Isnt that a issue?
Hey bro, thanks. Using other people's videos and photos for face swapping can indeed raise DMCA and copyright issues. To bypass these issues, it's essential to:

Create Original Content: Use original videos and photos for face swapping.
Obtain Permissions: Ensure you have the rights or permissions to use the content.
Transformative Use: Make sure the content is significantly transformed to be considered fair use.
However, even with these precautions, there are still risks, and it's always best to consult with a legal expert on copyright matters.
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