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    Hello all .. I create this post simply want to hear some discussion about one monetization case about a mens fashion site. (I just started to jump to Make Money page. Although I read a lot of the posts here already, I am still a newbie. I only have good knowledge about running Instagram accounts. )

    Site: covering mainly affiliate links fashion products

    Background: Men with has over 7 millions mens fashion followers at Instagram.

    My thoughts:
    Is this the best way to monetize its traffic? or any ways to make this site to be more effectively monetized? etc ........if the site generates mens style related content to do SEO, will it be better than simply just do fashion affiliate links shop? SEO can bring more traffic. Overall, it will have more traffic, which comes from both Instagram and Google. But, If we do style content, will it lose focus on the shopping concept? Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.. Just trying to learn more from all of the talents here. Thanks!