Card Declined?


Nov 20, 2008
Adwords for some reason keeps declining my VCC's when I sign up a new account. I know for a fact that the VCC's work. But, recently, Adwords continues to decline my cards. I have tried several different times and several different cards they all just get denied. Anyone having this issue with adwords?
what's the bin of the VCC you're using?

Not sure what you are referring to when you say "bin". But, I get the VCC's from Paypal. I enter the info in a new adwords account. Paypal shows a $1.00 charge from adwords. But, Adwords does not consider the "Primary Payment Method" as valid. Therefore, campaigns wont start until a valid billing method is added.

I've done the same thing several times before. In the past after I enter the VCC info and get charged $1.00 the billing method is validated and campaigns run within a few minutes.
From goooogle all i got was bin laden or bin files on the computer that people use to burn files :/

Do you have any ideas on how to I guess cloak the bin, hide it or create a new one?
there is no cloaking or hiding the bin-- bin refers to the first 6 digits of the card number you are using. It is a system used to tell what bank the card belongs too. It could be that adwords no longer accepts paypal vccs-- I don't know haven't tried in a while.
I see... But, at one point I decided to put in my real credit card info just to see if it would get accepted. And I got the same response. "Card Declined"

I always clear cookies, cache, change ip, everything, when I create a new account.
1)google adwords charges your cc with an amount when you activate your acount
2)be carefull when you chose payment method, if you chose payment in advance you cc maybe charged with a lot more that just the activation fee
3)From 2+3 = be sure you have money in your acount!
3)there can be a lot more problems with your bank envolving internet transactions.
If I good understand you are trying create another account with this same card? I have problems after few accounts created with this same card. Probably if you use this same card multiple it's a limit to X usage.
Most VCC's are no good for adwords anymore, if anything has changed please let me know. Funny how VCC were supposed to cut down on internet fraud yet it seems the exact opposite has happened.
Give me 4 or 5 of the card numbers, I will go over to bestbuy and check them for you!
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