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May 8, 2008
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I got in a car accident last night. some idiot zipped across the street, causing 2 people in front of me to slam on their brakes. I slammed on my brakes also, but apparently my tires are made of ice, so I slid into the rear of a van.

The van did not even have a scratch or a dent.. not a single trace of damage.

My Suzuki Reno, the car that I saved up for and paid for, with cash, ($5,300), got annihilated. Front end is crinkled, radiator is dead, headlight smashed, hood bent pretty bad. I'm not sure if it's fixable or not.

Oh yeah, and the insurance isn't paying a single penny.

Not to mention that I have NO way to pay for any repairs... Google decided to send yahoo a letter about my trademark infringement, so my PPC campaigns got taken down, which was my main earner...

So now I have no car, and barely any income. Life sucks.
Time to search a job to pay your life ?
It's not good to be so short on money and without regular income.

So get a RL job and restart your IM stuff.

If you got the plate/address/name of the one who caused the accident then you have a chance getting money.
I'm not sure about your laws but in EU you could most likely get 50% or similar.
Usually it's 100% your fault if you crash into someones rear but if another one crossed them he's also responsible in part.
Talk to insurance company again. Which one are you with because they pretty much HAVE to get involved if you were in an accident. Other insurance companies will attempt to sue yours, blah blah blah legal mumbo jumbo. But the gist of the story is someone's fucking with you - get your money.
If you rear end someone its your fault, failure to maintain a safe distance. If you couldn't stop in time you were too close.
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